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OneNote Refreshed

 At the September KC M365 User Group  I spoke about OneNote's coming changes and provided a few tips. Because one of the changes is a pretty big deal, I have decided to follow-up this event with what I covered and add provide the overview below. The first change I want to mention, because it will defiantly be saving me time, is the default Wiki Tab creation. Inside Microsoft Teams when you create a new channel we use to receive 3 default tabs; Posts, Files, and Wiki. What's New:   the Wiki tab will no longer be auto-created with each new channel. My recommendation has always been to use OneNote instead of Wiki and personally I would remove the Wiki tab on new channels, the pros and cons of this could be it's own topic. Now, with this new change I will no longer have to remove the Wiki Tab. Because, general release of this announcement (MS399867) is scheduled to be deployed by the end of September.. Personally I have already seen this behavior in some of my tenants, so check